Welcome! We are Brandi and Jake, and we believe play connects us to life and laughter with friends and lovers in ways nothing else can.

Our Story

We like motorcycles, horses, and adventure. We love to play and have been known to push boundaries. We could never find a game that was adventurous enough to keep us entertained, so one Friday at Happy Hour, Jake – a creative mastermind – bounced a mischievous picture card he made to Brandi. She laughed, and a game was born! And then another… and another. Now, we have dozens of games and surveys in development that we are working to get to market.

We like spontaneous. We like the unexpected. We like to play.

At Lagom, we have designed games to be engaging for adventurous adults looking to create remarkable experiences with intimate friends and lovers. We want to build relationships that are fun, healthy, and open by creating products that help people grow closer, have a good time together, and learn more about each other. We are a young company with a big heart and even bigger dreams to make relationships deeper and more meaningful through play.

Lagom games: Connect. Discover. Play. Learn.


Come Play.

Age to Play:

Lagom Games are intended for ages 21+ for entertainment
purposes only. Some cards may be explicit. Some cards may test your
relationship and loyalty. Play at your own risk!