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Your New Favorite Card Game

Big Feels

The hilarious game of suggestive phrases, slang, and silly scenarios for how you are FEELING, what you WANT, and who you want to do it WITH! No matter what state you’re in, Big Feels uses suggestive words that are sure to raise any mood.… and maybe even a little more!

MOOD PLAY: Mischievous, Fun, Playful, Suggestive, Teasing, Provocative

BRANDI RATING: This game is rated MISCHIEVOUS - Irresponsibly playful.

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The little bit naughty Card Game


Are you hosting a party?  Having friends visit for a night of mischief and laughter? Or maybe you are looking for a fun activity to get the passion flowing with your partner? Who knows, you may be doing all the above!

Just how well do you know your fellow players, or partner? Read a card with two words that describe another player. Can you guess which word is most like them? Play with those you think you know and those you’d like to know… even deeper!

MOOD PLAY: Naughty, Fun, Playful, Teasing, Exciting, revealing

BRANDI RATING: This game is rated MISCHIEVOUS. Irresponsibly playful.

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The Best Couples Card Game


The indubitable way to kickstart any relationship with excitement and sheer madness!

Are you bored? Tired of the same evening routine? Are you looking for something unique, amusing, and different? Looking for an activity that will trigger interesting and deep conversations… and provoke insights that lead to connections in playful ways?

Meet KixStart. Each question or statement is designed to energize dialogue with your partner. Simple. Entertaining. Revealing.

MOOD PLAY: Creative, Fun, Playful, Thought-Provoking, Teasing

BRANDI RATING: This game is rated PLAYFUL. Lively and ready for fun. Lighthearted and a little frisky. Intended for couples.

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